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We at Tecno systems India is a part of Tecno system group provide high-quality electronic manufacturing services in India. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the Indian manufacturing landscape, we handle everything seamlessly, from navigating regulations to sourcing components, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient production process.

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At Tecno Systems India Electronics which is located in Bangalore is well equipped with advanced machinery equipment and skilled and experienced work force. We provide a one-stop EMS solution for transforming your innovative electronics ideas into high-quality gadgets ready for the Indian market as well as global market.

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World-class electronic manufacturing in India

Tecno systems India in Bangalore is one of our prominent Electronics manufacturing facility of Tecno system group, heavily invested in technology and experienced workforce. Our Electronic manufacturing plant in Bangalore is capable of handling complex manufacturing projects and scalable for mass production.

Our electronics manufacturing expertise caters to the entire production spectrum, from high-volume runs meeting the demands of mass-market electronics to low-volume batches ideal for prototyping and specialized applications. This scalability ensures we can seamlessly adapt to your project needs, whether you require thousands of units for global distribution or a customized pilot run.

Quality standards

Our commitment goes beyond industry standards, reflected in our certifications for the most rigorous quality management systems:

  • AS9100D: We adhere to the aerospace industry’s most stringent quality standards, ensuring exceptional reliability and safety for even the most critical applications.
  • ISO 9001: We are dedicated to continuous improvement and a robust quality management system, encompassing every aspect of our operations to deliver consistent excellence.
  • IATF 16949: Our expertise in meeting the demanding quality requirements of the automotive industry guarantees precise and consistent production for your projects.

Streamlined Supply Chain: Local and Global Reach

As a Electronic manufacturer we give priority to on time delivery of projects. We understand the importance of time to market is very important hence we take care all the supply chain and logistics.

Additionally, our expertise in navigating export regulations allows us to seamlessly handle international shipments, ensuring your products reach your global markets efficiently.

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Advantages of hiring Electronic Manufacturing in India .

  • Cost Efficiency: India offers competitive labor rates and a focus on efficient manufacturing processes. This can lead to significant cost savings compared to manufacturing in other developed countries.

  • Skilled Workforce & Expertise: India boasts a large pool of skilled engineers and technicians with experience in electronics manufacturing. This ensures access to a qualified workforce and a strong understanding of the latest technologies.

  • Government Incentives & Growing Market: The Indian government actively promotes electronics manufacturing through various initiatives and incentives. Additionally, India’s domestic electronics market is experiencing rapid growth, creating a supportive environment for your business.

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